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I'm Kiran Kumar N G, I'm a Wedding Photographer

A full-time professional wedding photographer and Canon Photo Mentor. I have shot more than 250+ weddings and events in the last 4 years. I am an engineering graduate and have 12 years of experience working in the IT industry before I switched my career to becoming a full time photographer. As an IT engineer, I had an opportunity to work in the USA when the beautiful sights and scenes there motivated me to learn and practice photography. I started shooting wildlife (Insects), flora and fauna with Canon 70D. Tables turned when one of my friends requested to assist him in weddings, and I found it to be interesting. Also, the clients loved my pictures and this seeded the idea to practice professional wedding photography. I believe learning happens everyday and there is no limit for acquiring knowledge. I am a fun loving person which helps me get interesting expressions from wedding clients. I make sure to give unique, well lit portraits in weddings which is my USP. I am eager to expand my photography knowledge inspired by international photographers.


Am a fun-filled person and think spontaneously, so pictures would have a lot of moments and create some unique shots. I usually keep waiting for bursts of laughter or tears and when I see that my camera would start firing like a submachine gun.  I would give importance to family portraits as they last forever and finally would add my sense of creativity to the pictures.  In short, I shoot 90% for my client and 10% for myself.




I prefer contrast images as personally I feel it adds drama to the pictures and . Skin retouching would be basic and for sure not the wax doll style of images

I provide all the dump images and would edit the pictures i like and share the same 


DUMP - Full Resolution jpeg 

Edited -  Hi Res and social media usable 


Online delivery only 


** Minimum of 500 to 1000 images would be fully edited and shared  


** Numbers depend of each wedding and can vary

This is a good question .. it's a professional camera !! 

My pricing starts from 1500$ and would vary depending upon the requirement 

You name it I shoot it from Dawn to dusk bride prep, groom prep, ceremony, portraits, reception, dance, party… the entire experience. provide complete, fully comprehensive coverage; with no limits on time, no limit on images taken, and no limit on locations… nothing to distract you from your perfect day, or us from our obsessive goal of telling the complete story of your day in the most beautiful and creative way possible.

I have shot around 400+ events mostly in India and setting up my base in Canada 


Absolutely yes i would be glad to travel and shoot across the globe even if its the arctic as long as travel and stay is provided 

Just reach me using the contact form

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